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Coaching is Dying and Here’s Why

It’s tough out there for a entrepreneur. There is so much noise.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has the cure for what ails you.  Let’s say you need more qualified clients. Where do you start? You google “social media marketing” or “getting leads through LinkedIn” or “how to reach more people”…. and your inbox, your social media feeds—they all get CRAZY.

Like a panic-attack inducing level of insanity.  It leaves me wondering: Why do so many people promise results, and yet so few deliver? How can so many have the answer, and yet so many small businesses fail? Sure, we could blame it on the small business owners, but that’s lame. They certainly didn’t fail because they didn’t want it enough. You don’t go into business wanting to fail. They fail because people are promising magic bullets and instead delivering a whole bunch of DUD. A whole lotta fluff with nothing to back it up. 

I feel a change is in the air… this entire “I have the silver bullet you need if you pay me $497 or more a month” industry is about to topple.  How could it not? Blockbuster Video went out of business because people didn't need them anymore. Well, people don't need "coaches" who fill their inbox with fluff and deliver no actual help that solve real problems in our business.

We need to stand up and start demanding more from the people we trust (and pay) to help us grow our business.  I’m tired of the hype and the word tracks. I just want results. 

Can you deliver that for me? Good. Then stop talking and prove it! Like if you agree, and maybe we can spark a reformation. Stay Frosty, Jen

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