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#InMyFeelings How to Get Your Prospects Feeling Theirs

“Value” has become an obnoxious word to me because it’s so overused.

We are told to deliver “value” to our clients from the very first connection, but we’re on our own as to what the heck this "value" is for our ideal clients or customers.

And so, we take our best educated guess—but for many, those guesses are flat-out missing the mark.

The key rests in emotion. People don’t want you to logic and tell. They want and need to feel - and then they need answers for what they are feeling. Here's how to get prospects “in their feelings.”

1. “I make this mistake.”

Remind them of the mistakes they are already making that are adversely affecting them. For example, let’s say you are a wellness coach. Your ideal prospects already know they don't eat a balanced diet, don't move enough, etc. Even so, they need to be reminded. It's important for them to feel the pain of those conscious decisions.

But that’s just step one - and you are already likely doing this. In that case, part two is critical.

2. “I did NOT know I was making my situation worse.”

Next, tell them about the mistakes they didn't know they were making. Using our wellness coach example, you could frame this like, “Here’s why the popular diet programs actually create far more dangerous problems than they solve.”

And here's the big key:

When they click on your content, deliver some REAL solutions right then and there!!!

THAT is what value looks like. Value is not tempting them with headlines that suggest they are harming themselves and then making them pay you to get the answers.

In today's cutthroat marketing arena, you really do need to “give to give.”

"Giving to get" just won't cut it anymore.

Give with the hope that you can help them, no strings attached.

You don’t have to give away the farm. But you do need to give away some free eggs and milk. Deliver real value up front, and they will come back for more. Hope I was able to provide you with some value today.


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